Why Choose Us

Did you know that treating an injury on Day 2 versus Day 9 leads to 3 WEEKS FASTER return to sport?! While professional athletes have the luxury of a Sports Doctor at their fingertips, our current health care system traditionally dictates a confusing and tedious path to care. It typically looks something like this:

You book an initial appointment with a primary care physician or with an Urgent Care and leave with a prescription for a pain medication/ anti inflammatory, and rest. 2-4 weeks go by… No better? You’re referred out to an orthopedic doctor who takes an xray and performs diagnostic tests such as ultrasound or an MRI. Likely the orthopedic doctor will refer to physical therapy, but now you’re at a month to 2 months later and you are still in pain!

Resurgent Sports Rehab exists to get you back to your sport or activity ASAP. No more waiting for an appointment, resting for weeks, to only return with the same frustrating and limiting pain.

We are Northern Virginia’s ONLY Immediate Care & Rehab Center led by Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPTs) specializing in sports injuries. We accelerate injury recovery by evaluating and starting your rehab on Day 1.

Our Difference

  • Same week appointments, no referral needed*
  • Dramatically accelerate your return to activity
  • Eliminate the hassle of multiple medical appointments 
  • Avoid surgery, injections and pain medications
  • Flexible options to access care onsite or through virtual appointments 
  • All providers specialize in sports injury evaluation, rehabilitation, and objective return to sport testing.

If it’s not Urgent Care, it’s Resurgent Care.

Resurgent Sports Rehab offers the following services:

  • Sports Injury Evaluations
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Virtual Walk-in Appointments (telehealth)

We treat all nonemergent sports injuries including:

  • Ligament Sprains & Muscle strains
  • Tendon and muscle tears 
  • Neck, shoulder, elbow, and hand pain
  • Back, hip, knee, and foot pain
  • Disc injuries
  • Meniscus injuries
  • Labrum injuries
  • Bursitis
  • Joint arthritis and pain
  • Sciatica and pinched nerves
  • Repetitive use injuries
  • Pre- and Post-operative care
  • Radiating pain down arms or legs