Pain Free Running Clinics



Are you tired of running in pain? Have you been told to rest, take medication, continuously get “put back into alignment”, or receive injections… only to have your pain return when you tried to run again?  This is really common advice and you are not alone. Consider this. If your pain started from running, and you largely only have pain when you run, then the biggest problem is the WAY that you run. Simply put, in order to get rid of pain when you’re running, you must fix your running mechanics. This ultimately puts you in control of your body without the need to rely on quick fixes and traditional approaches that fall short of long term results.

NOVA’s Running Injury Specialist and CEO of Resurgent Sports Rehab, Dr. Kerri Kramer Webb, leads this 2 hour Pain Free Running Clinic. This clinic is largely interactive- be ready to run*!

You will learn:

  • How running mechanics are linked to injuries & why you must fix yours
  • Optimal run form posture & mechanics
  • Demonstration of the most common bad run forms (and the injuries that result)
  • 5 Run drills to improve your form

You will receive:

  • Recommendations on best approach to run pain free based on your injury history and current issues
  • A slow motion video analysis (single view) of your current run form
  • A customized run drill guaranteed to instantly improve your mechanics and reduce pain

This clinic is best for people who:

  • Have a history of running injuries & want to prevent future reinjury
  • Have tried multiple treatments but pain hasn’t completely resolved
  • Currently have pain & aren’t sure what to do
  • Want to take control and run pain free

*Please note this is an active clinic that does require running in short distances (about 50 m at a time). COVID distancing precautions will be strictly observed. Masks required to participate. 

Max number of runners= 5. Do you have 5 people and want to do a different date/ location? Email

What people are saying….

“You do NOT want to miss this clinic!!!! Anyone who has worked with Kerri knows that she is amazing at not only showing you what both bad and good run form look like, and will have you do a lot of drills to help you get it, but she will literally show you where you specifically need help and give you exact cues on how to achieve proper form. She is definitely not “one size fits all”. Being a top notch physical therapist she brings that extra special touch of being able to make running pain free! Anyone who has run with me is probably tired of me constantly singing Kerri’s praises, but I truly believe that if you are having any pain or other issues with running that Kerri can help you.” – Betsy Vrankovich