Run Analysis & Technique Training Fairfax, VA

Run Analysis & Technique Training

Why is run analysis so important?

“Just don’t run” isn’t a real solution if you’re having pain.

Here’s the deal. The majority of running injuries occur from a combination of instability and faulty technique. Consider that running is essentially thousands of mini hops on each leg. You must be able to control the way your trunk and legs land on the ground to reduce impact and ultimately prevent running injuries. Small and simple adjustments to your form can create a significant reduction in joint compression and muscle strain. Many of our clients experience a bonus of increased speed due to improved efficiency.

Running is our specialty at Resurgent Sports Rehab. From our quick screen to our full Medical Run Analysis, we look forward to helping you run strong, safe, and injury-free.

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Why we use Video Run Analysis:

Slow-Motion video analysis can determine faulty mechanics that can be the source of your pain. We analyze 3 views and assess the following:

  • Cadence
  • Low back and pelvic control
  • Footstrike
  • Stride length 
  • Trunk position
  • Knee alignment 
  • Foot and ankle mechanics (excessive pronation, supination)
  • Vertical displacement

When you participate in a video run analysis, you will be asked to run on and off a treadmill for a few minutes at the speed that is causing your pain. A recording will be taken of your side, front, and back. Our movement analysis software will then slow down each recording to pinpoint the pathomechanics that are causing an injury as well as which ones could use efficiency improvement. 

Schedule your analysis today:

Video run analysis can be extremely beneficial, especially for runners who are recovering from injuries. If you are interested in participating in a video run analysis to target your problem areas and improve your overall function, contact Resurgent Sports Rehab today! We’ll help you run faster and pain-free.

Which run analysis option is right for you?

  • Run Screen/Technique Training: (30 minute appointment)

    Clients begin with a quick Run Screen using slow motion video analysis. Our running specialists will determine your highest priority run form dysfunction. You will receive 1-2 run drills that will address this issue.

    This service is perfect for the runner who is experiencing minimal to no pain and wants one quick tip to help improve run form.

  • Performance Run Analysis: (1.5 hour appointment)

    Our Performance Run Analysis includes an evaluation of functional movement, strength, flexibility, and footwear assessment. A multi-angle slow motion video analysis of your run is performed. You will receive a corrective exercise program and run drills to correct your form.

    This service is designed for the athlete who wants to run faster and more efficiently. Also ideal for the runner who is currently painfree but has an extensive injury history and wants to prevent future problems. Please note this service does not include a medical evaluation.

  • Medical Run Analysis: (2 hour appointment)

    Our Medical Run Analysis is our most popular and thorough service. It includes all of the above in the Performance Run Analysis PLUS a medical evaluation to determine the source of your pain. Our running specialists will provide you with a plan to resolve your injury and a program to return to run safely.

    This service is the absolute best choice for any runner with a current injury. This service ultimately puts an end to your frustrating pain and provides the tools you need to be able to run faster and stronger for years to come.