Adult Sports Injury Fairfax, VA

Adult Sports Injuries

We’ll keep you going.

Have you been told you have a “chronic injury” or your joint is “bone on bone”? The body has an amazing ability to heal, regardless of whether you are in your 20’s or 80’s. Our Sports Rehab experts will perform a thorough evaluation to determine how to remove compression or strain and stabilize the area for full return to activity. A major component of our care is the inclusion of slow motion video analysis to assess movement flaws that contribute to your injury. This is key to fix your injury and prevent future reinjury.

Our goal, in fact, is to make you BETTER, stronger, and faster than you were before you entered Resurgent. Our team will empower you to be in control of your body so that you can continue doing what you love.

That’s a lot to take in. You might also be wondering…

  • How will you get my diagnosis right?

    Our Doctors of Physical Therapy provide a thorough head-to-toe evaluation.  This systematic evaluation process allows us to provide an accurate diagnosis on day one for the majority of our clients.  We also perform video analysis of sport as tolerated (typically on the second visit) to determine the faulty movement patterns that are often a source of an athlete’s pain. If more objective data needs to be collected, your Doctor of Physical Therapy may recommend imaging or refer out to another specialist if needed. You will further know your diagnosis is accurate as you will typically see results in two weeks.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

    Bring your insurance card, ID, any imaging results, and prescription if you have one.  Wear clothing that stretches and can expose the injured area. Most athletes show up in their workout clothes.

  • Do I need a prescription from a Physician for Sports Rehab?

    We’re happy to say a prescription is no longer required.  Virginia law (as of June 2016) has made it easy for you to book a physical therapy appointment immediately without seeing a physician first.  One stipulation is that we will need a prescription after 30 days, but we are able to start you on the road to recovery prior to obtaining one. A prescription is not required for clients who complete rehab within 30 days.

  • Will my insurance cover this?

    Our medical sports rehab services are covered by most insurance plans as an out-of-network provider.  All insurance plans offer different benefits.  If you would like to know the covered amount ahead of time, call your “members” number and request benefits for “out of network physical therapy”. Insurance is confusing and we are happy to help if you need assistance.  Our 65 year old+ crew are fully covered through our contract with Medicare (provided you have Medicare and have a secondary insurance).

  • What if I’m not sure you can help?

    You’re not alone and we applaud your critical consumerism.  That’s why we offer 15 minute consult for $50.  Our team will be fully honest and transparent in our ability to help. If we assess that sports rehab will be effective, your $50 will be applied to your full medical evaluation.If sports rehab is not the right service for you, we will recommend imaging or a different type of specialty service to get you heading in the right direction.

  • I’m not an athlete. Can I still come here for treatment?

    Absolutely.  While we specialize in sports injuries, we are able to treat anything that falls under the scope of musculoskeletal pain.  This includes injuries to joints, tendons, muscles, fascia, and ligaments of the spine and all extremities.  This is an equal opportunity  rehab clinic!