Cardio or Weights? Which is more important?

September 20th, 2019

The debate over which is better will go on forever. Both cardio exercise and weightlifting hold equally important places when it comes to physical therapy and exercising for good health. The choice on which will serve the better purpose is made when the end goal is decided upon. If an individual wants to build stamina and endurance, the best choice would undoubtedly be cardio exercise. If building mass or regaining physical strength is the ultimate goal, the main focus would be on weightlifting.

Even though your primary focus may revolve around one type of exercise, it is extremely important to include the other in your plan as well. A person who is focusing on endurance will do well to work a few weightlifting exercises into their routine. The same is true for people who focus on weightlifting. You will only go so far without some degree of endurance. Create a healthy balance and remember to constantly change your routines so your body does not fall into a routine.

When you embark on any fitness journey, you need to set goals. Having goals in place will help you make appropriate choices as to what exercises and foods will best fit into your regimen and help you make your journey a successful one. When it comes to setting fitness goals, keep things interesting. Try new exercises and push your limits on occasion to find out just how well you are doing. You may be surprised at your progress once you determine what type of exercises and diet plans will best fit your needs. Take that first step and decide on a few goals. Once you get started on that path, the only way to go is forward. Contact us today to learn more!