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Resurgent Sports Rehab

Here’s How We can Help

If you are an athlete or active person, you’ve got big plans and no time for annoying pain or treatments that don’t work. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are former athletes and experts in sports injury care. You can count on us to give you professional caliber care and fast results. Find out how we can help you.

Real Athletes. Real Results.

  • David McCready
    David McCready
    23:30 10 Oct 22
    I went to see Dr Aziz for an issue with my achilles. Having assessed my injury, he set me up with a series of... exercises that I could safely do to strengthen and support the injured area. Beyond that, he worked to identify the underlying cause of the injury (poor running form), and then gave me drills and cues to help me alter my run form which will not only prevent a reoccurrence of the injury, but have also improved my pace and efficiency. I had a couple of events that I was keen to participate in even before I was fully healed, and Dr Aziz found ways to enable that without setting back my healing. Moving past the injury, he sent me away with another set of strengthening and maintenance exercises that should keep me in great shape, and improving, going forward. I could not have asked for more. In addition, I have to mention that he is just a super nice chap and I had a ton of fun working with him.The next time I get injured (and it is only a matter of time), there is only one place I will more
    Kenneth Nechin
    Kenneth Nechin
    21:27 31 Aug 22
    Aziz Hassan was my physio for rehab after rotator cuff repair. He is excellent as are all the people at Resurgent. He... had me back on the tennis court in about 6 months playing a couple of hours a day for 6 consecutive days on vacation. He is demanding and will push you to achieve your rehab goals. I am now back to regular weight lifting and my range of motion is excellent and still improving. I referred my wife after she tore her hamstring and she has been equally more
    Chris Walz
    Chris Walz
    16:44 20 Jul 22
    I rarely write Google reviews but when I have a tremendous experience with a provider I make an exception. My son... suffered a serious soccer injury and underwent surgery to repair it. Dr. Aziz Hasan and his team at Resurgent Sports gave him outstanding care and attention throughout his long rehabilitation process. Aziz was clearly dedicated to helping my son heal and get him back out on the soccer field. He brought a thoughtful, personal and analytical approach to the PT process -- using the latest methods and technology available. He was available throughout the process to provide updates and consult with us when we had questions or concerns (and not just during business hours). Having suffered my own sports-related injuries and surgeries over the years I know high quality physical therapy practitioners when see them and Aziz and his team at Resurgent are clearly top of the line. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone dealing with an injury or post-surgery more
    C T
    C T
    15:55 15 May 22
    I was recommended Resurgent by a family friend when my previous physical therapist wasn't able to help my injured knee.... Resurgent got me from barely able to put weight on my leg to walking normally without any pain! They took the slow and steady route to make sure I was actually seeing progress, and were extremely flexible and accommodating with scheduling. Can't recommend Resurgent enough! Thank you!read more
    kathryn campbell
    kathryn campbell
    15:34 08 Jan 22
    I worked with both Kerri and Kendal. They quickly identified the issues causing my back pain and set up a great set of... exercises to address the muscles that needed strengthening. Willing to discuss course of action with my personal trainer. They are fantasticread more
    Adriann Kirnos
    Adriann Kirnos
    16:24 23 Nov 21
    I had the best experience with resurgent sports rehab!!!! Everyone there was extremely nice and welcoming! My physical... therapist Spencer was amazing and made sure he gave the right exercises to make sure you keep progressing. And having a 1-1 session each time I’d great so that way each person gets individual card and attention! Highly recommend going if you like one on one treatment!!!read more
    Connor Monahan
    Connor Monahan
    13:24 17 Nov 21
    I can't thank Resurgent enough. After getting injured following a half marathon in 2019, I went to two different... physical therapy groups before finding Resurgent. The other PT groups were helpful in getting me back to very short distances, but Resurgent was able to identify the issues in my running form that caused the injury to begin with. They worked with me to improve my form and increase strength where I needed it to set me up for success. They were also so kind and kept me motivated when I was struggling. I just completed my second half marathon pain-free, and I know that couldn't have happened without the help of Dr. Kerri and her more
    d kaspar
    d kaspar
    17:22 28 Oct 21
    I am an avid triathlete and I went to go see Kendal regarding a pain in the ball of my foot that was painful enough... that it hurt to walk much less run. Kendal was amazing! She was incredibly patient and thorough. She spent the needed time to analyze my gait, mechanics of my foot, run cadence, shoes, etc!! At the end it was a plantar plate injury. She put together a series of exercises, stretches and drills to get me back on my training schedule. I am actively training again and feel stronger than before my injury. Many thanks to the entire team at Resurgent!read more
    Video Magic Show
    Video Magic Show
    14:42 18 Aug 21
    I was nervous at first going to a sports therapist. I am an avid bicyclist rider and I had recurring knee pain. I was... afraid that my bicycling days were over.Dr. Kerri is like a detective. She goes through a series of mobility test and asks you questions to figure out the cause. Then she puts the clues together and starts you on a therapy program to recovery.I am back riding my bike pain free. So kudos to Dr. Kerri and her staff at Resurgent Sports Rehab if it wasn’t for them my cycling days might have been over! They are all wonderful to work with. Thank you!read more
    David Hurley
    David Hurley
    22:25 17 Aug 21
    Over the years, Resurgent has helped me, my family and friends recover from many sports related injuries related to... triathlon, lacrosse, track and other sports. The key is Kerri and team don't just treat the pain. They figure out the cause of the injury and develop a plan so you come back stronger and prevent future injuries. I don't go to the doctor for an injury. I go to more
    J D
    J D
    21:03 21 Jul 21
    Kerri and the team are outstanding. This is the best place for sports recovery. Professional, focused with results.
    Shelby Arnold
    Shelby Arnold
    00:48 15 May 21
    We were referred to Kerri from my daughter's swim coaches and another athlete for shoulder pain. Kerri's exam was much... more thorough than the orthopedic doctor and she was able to properly diagnose the injury. The targeted stretches and strengthening exercises have resulted in complete recovery. If we have any other sports injuries Kerri will be our first more
    Anna Macon Corcoran
    Anna Macon Corcoran
    14:18 26 Apr 21
    Helped me recover so quickly! Highly recommend to any athlete!
    Yvonne Spencer
    Yvonne Spencer
    03:54 15 Feb 21
    I highly recommend Resurgent Sports Rehab! They were my "last resort" after being shuffled through doctors and... specialists for 6 months! A friend recommended I try Morgan! I am so glad I did! She was the only specialists who have me an actual diagnosis! She treated me, gave me a program and set me on the path to running stronger than before! I am so extremely thankful for Morgan and Resurgent Sports Rehab! They are highly trained professionals who get results for their patients! Thanks again Morgan!! I'll send pics from the Boston Marathon!read more
    Jordan Scott (Dj JonahJordan)
    Jordan Scott (Dj JonahJordan)
    00:07 10 Feb 21
    I highly recommend Resurgent Sports Rehab! I've had terrible shoulder issues (rotation, clicking joints, pain) for... years after playing volleyball, and had just resigned to the fact that it wouldn't get better, went to several different PTs and still didn't see any relief. After getting a referral from my orthopedic doctor, Im at the tail end of my first 4 weeks of therapy (2x a week) with Morgan and I felt a significant change from week 2 on, and have never felt more optimistic about getting back to full activity. Morgan has been super encouraging and reassuring through each step. The therapy plan is so well put together and specific to getting me back to full activity with no pain, and the at home exercises are well geared to where i'm at in terms of building strength and mobility and change along with my progress. I couldn't be more satisfied. The entire staff are super friendly and really put in their best to get their clients back to where they want to more
    Rich Cassagnol
    Rich Cassagnol
    21:20 09 Feb 21
    After a years of debilitating hip and lower back pain, I'm now feeling great and back to training. I can only thank... and highly recommend the excellent care I received from the pros at Resurgent Sports Rehab. After 5 office visits my pain is gone and my mobility has improved exponentially without medication or surgery, just the capable hands of Dr. Kerri Webb and her team. If your in pain, physical therapy at RSR should be your first more
    James Simon
    James Simon
    22:33 31 Dec 20
    I highly recommend Resurgent Sports Rehab. I've just finished a 1.5 month course of therapy with Kerri Kramer to help... with some tendon problems in both ankles due to running overuse. Kerri has been dedicated to getting me back out running as quickly as possible. She is knowledgeable in making an evaluation/diagnosis, and she is practical in providing exercise and running-form solutions. I appreciate that she takes ownership of my problem; I feel that she is fully invested in my succeeding. If I were to have another injury, I would return without more
    William Weech
    William Weech
    16:22 21 Dec 20
    I have used Resurgent twice now to recover from exercise-related injuries. Kerri is a knowledgeable pro and she makes... sure that her staff is top-notch too. I hope I never need physical therapy again - but if I do, these are the people I will call!read more
    wayne jones
    wayne jones
    12:46 19 Sep 20
    Kerri and her team are absolutely fantastic. She has treated my whole family, to include my two sons who were both... Division I athletes. She not only resolved my calf issue, but took the time to figure out the root cause and addressed those as well. I have recommended Resurgent Sports Rehab to friends and fellow athletes and will do so again in the more
    Charles Jones
    Charles Jones
    22:08 02 Sep 20
    Resurgent has been a game changer for me so far. I started sessions twice a week, 2 week ago and have noticed vast... changes. Being a professional athlete, I am sometimes skeptical on services provided. Resurgent has been nothing but exceptional so far from the very get go. The first day we did a very thorough check up to see what was wrong and also what was causing the pain, and we have been attacking the areas ever sense. In just two weeks the pain I was feeling went from a pain level 4 to 1. Highly recommended to more
    Jacob Dumford
    Jacob Dumford
    16:24 14 Aug 20
    Resurgent took my teammates and I through an extremely thorough evaluation and offered individualized exercise plans so... that each athlete was able to address their specific weaknesses. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and creates a top tier experience for their more
    Julia Rizk
    Julia Rizk
    21:45 13 Aug 20
    Morgan was a wonderful PT when I twisted both of my ankles. I had to take a considerable amount of time off and she... worked with me endlessly to get me back on the track. Her strength exercises worked to get rid of the pain and give more stability to my ankle. She was patient, always asked if I had any questions, emailed a summary of what my rehab exercises were, and always followed up. I am so thankful to resurgent, if it weren’t for them I’m convinced I’d still be nursing a twisted ankle 2 months after it happened. Instead, I’m racing this weekend in a competitive 800m. Amazing staff all around, I worked with both Kerri and Michael who were both just as helpful as Morgan. Can’t go wrong!read more
    Claudia Saunders
    Claudia Saunders
    19:57 13 Aug 20
    Resurgent's attention to detail really allows them to give their clients the best care possible. Their PTs have caught... things that I hadn't even noticed, and as a professional track athlete who sometimes trains 2x a day, this is really important when it comes to injury prevention. Resurgent's approach to caring for injuries makes them super effective when it comes to both prevention and return to more
    Erin McCarty
    Erin McCarty
    23:16 10 Aug 20
    Entirely thanks to the Resurgent team, today’s training run was the most rewarding run since my last marathon in March.... It wasn’t fast and I didn’t hit my target miles, but it was nearly pain free and that’s something I haven’t been able to say for months. Driven by a few factors and initially just ignored, I learned this week that the hamstring tightness that I had been working through was actually stemming from some sciatic nerve issues. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with an incredible PT that has not only helped truly identify the culprit but has given me the tools to keep things from getting worse. I worked with Morgan Petro months ago when I was having some IT band pain. When I decided to commit to running two virtual marathons this fall I knew I needed to work with her again to make sure I took on this goal safely. She reviewed my training plan and after I kicked off the program and immediately had pain, began assessing what was happening and soon after has successfully diagnosed the issue. It hasn’t even been two full days since she identified the nerve pain and put me on a new path. I wouldn’t have been able to last an hour on todays run if it wasn’t for Morgan’s help. I strongly recommend her and her team to anyone having any lingering pains, whether or not they derive from sports injuries. Running has been a part of my life for years but it isn’t without injury, especially when setting new distance and time goals. With racing and organized running being conducted virtually for the foreseeable future, it’s easy to lose any motivation and be set back by any inkling of an injury. Without Morgan’s help during this time I absolutely would’ve pushed off any training and racing goals until we’re back in person, at which time I may have lost any more
    Alan Williams
    Alan Williams
    19:41 27 May 20
    I completed a Medical Run Analysis with Michael at Resurgent following their new safety protocols, and it was a... rewarding learning experience. First, the facility is first-rate and clean with a low volume of participants. Michael provided a thorough analysis and took the time to educate me on how to improve my running technique. I would highly recommend considering Resurgent for treating and preventing pain no matter your activity or more
    Sunny Kim
    Sunny Kim
    01:02 06 Feb 20
    No words can describe my gratitude to Meg at Resurgent Sports Rehab. After 4 months of physical therapy at another... physical therapy before and after my arthroscopic shoulder surgery, I came to Meg pretty discouraged and was in much pain. I had been sleeping very poorly each night for the past several months and was feeling miserable. Initially I hesitated to come because the practice was out of network for my insurance. But it was so worth it. Let me tell you why. During the first visit, Meg gave me an accurate picture of what was going on with my shoulder and what was causing so much pain. I felt like my healing process started when she identified the cause for my shoulder pain. Just having an accurate picture of my shoulder condition gave me much hope for healing. A succession of other previous care providers didn’t know why I was having so much more pain after my shoulder surgery. Her compassionate care and go-the extra-mile-approach for her patients helped me heal. By the end of the first week of my PT with Meg, I was able to sleep better and longer as I had less shoulder pain. Meg’s treatment and care completely changed the quality of my life. Now I am able to have almost full range of motion of my shoulder/arm and am able to plan my life. I credit my healing to Meg’s compassionate care that included an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Meg and Resurgent Sports Rehab have provided me some of the best care I have ever received and I am so more
    Maggie Readyhough
    Maggie Readyhough
    00:33 21 Jan 20
    Resurgent sports rehab is awesome! Meg is the Best!!!! She is brilliant and was able to completely ease my hip pain... with her magic hands and exercises. She also saw my husband and helped his overall flexibility remarkably. We would highly recommend her to all who need PT!!read more
    Victoria Curtis
    Victoria Curtis
    20:13 18 Jan 20
    The team at Resurgent Sports Rehab is outstanding. They are welcoming, patient, exceptionally knowledgeable, and... thorough! They know each person is unique and listen and ask questions to get to the bottom of their pain. When you come with a concern or injury, they think dynamically and big picture rather than focusing solely on the area that hurts. Their goal is to get each individual back out doing the things they love and need to more
    Kyle Kilcoyne
    Kyle Kilcoyne
    21:44 15 Jan 20
    If you have an injury that's slowing you down or stopping you from your goals, Resurgent will do whatever it takes to... help you recover and perform better than you thought you ever could. Every member of the staff is unbelievably friendly and helpful, and their physical therapists are some of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met. I was especially lucky to have Morgan, who is the sole reason I am able to run and workout again without any trouble. She was able to diagnose my leg pain and develop a plan that successfully relieved an issue I have been dealing with for over 10 years all within less than two months. I have dealt with all kinds of physical rehab professionals and I cannot recommend a better road to recovery than more
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    A recent study from the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that "starting rehabilitation two days after injury rather than waiting for nine days shortened [...] return to sports by three weeks without any significant increase in the risk of reinjury."


    Resurgent Sports Rehab is NOT an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center. If you have an emergency or life-threatening condition, please go straight to the emergency room. Urgent care centers provide services for both illnesses and common injuries, but do not specialize in care for sports injuries. Please note that Resurgent does not provide xrays, MRIs, diagnostic ultrasound, blood testing, injections, medications, or surgery. We refer out to our network of trusted medical physicians for those services.


    • Ligament Sprains & Muscle strains
    • Tendon and muscle tears
    • Neck, shoulder, elbow, & hand pain
    • Back, hip, knee, and foot pain
    • Disc injuries
    • Meniscus injuries
    • Labrum injuries
    • Bursitis
    • Joint arthritis and pain
    • Sciatica and pinched nerves
    • Repetitive use injuries
    • Pre- and Post-operative care
    • Radiating pain down arms or legs


    • Fractures
    • Lacerations
    • Severe head trauma
    • Illness
    • Rashes/ skin disorders
    • Open wounds
    • Severe headaches, dizziness, fainting
    • Visual or speech disturbances
    • Loss of control of bowel/bladder
    • Cardiac issues: Chest pain, difficulty breathing
    • Respiratory issues


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    from pain or limited
    range of motion?

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